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Precision Medicine and Cancer Models - Developing strategies to enhance clinical response


21st November 2017

The Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK



The use of preclinical and clinical information to inform patient selection for novel cancer therapies is key, with the development and use of models to interrogate target dependencies based on molecular pathology being well-established. Recent studies also suggest that it may be valuable to integrate additional information into patient selection hypotheses, including considerations of tumor metabolism, the type and extent of immunological infiltrate in a tumour, or the acquisition of a mesenchymal phenotype. This one-day conference involves leading investigators working at the translational interface in oncology to better define disease subtypes and guide precision medicine decisions.


Topics include:

Use of models and clinical material to inform subtyping of colorectal cancer

Classifying tumours based on immunogenic subtype

Experimental strategies to reveal therapeutic targets in liver cancer

Modelling the microenvironment in ERa-positive breast cancer

Modelling pancreatic adenocarcinoma and potential therapeutic approaches


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Start Date

21. 11. 2017

End Date

22. 11. 2017

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